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Raised-ink Diploma printing. Real, Official Transcripts based on Life Experience.

For your viewing pleasure. The following samples, and roll-over notations, are truly “pictures worth a thousand words.” Your College or University always creates your articles  to the highest level of authenticity. Before you choose any other provider for Legal Legitimate Life Experience degrees, click here first. It’s a difference worth checking out. Contact us with any questions you may have.

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Legal life experience degrees
The original, succesful graduate package. Welcome letters, real ID card, diploma-degree, official sealed transcripts, unsealed transcripts, letters of verification, document folder, degree holder, certificate, and more. Life skill Degrees. Legitimate.

Complete graduate package

Legitimate life experience degrees
Feel the difference. Text you can feel. Words we raise up. Order your degree or diploma from the only one that offers True raised ink diplomas and certificates.

Raised ink degree printing

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work equivalent degree
All fonts used are traditional Old English and University Script fonts. Your University certificate is printed on parchment paper using a state of the art raised ink printing process. Officially signed, with legitimate embossed seal.

Layout, font, perfect.

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Innovative technology is employed. One, two and three color foiling techniques and methods. Raised, Embossed. Legal Legitimate life experience.

Multi-color embossed foil seal/crest

legal fast bachelor degree

Heated, embossed into parchment copper foil

Work Experience Degree Equivalent
Fully impressed crest or seal adds legitimate touch. Every color is available to match College Diploma. Embossed legitimate University mark.

All colors available

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The most official transcripts available online. Letter grade plus GPA, totals and cumulative summary. Just like what you would find on a traditional University transcript. Legitimate, verifiable.

Official, anti-copy secure transcripts

Life Experience Transcripts with Verification
Degreepros is the leaders in realism. The reverse of your college transcript features a traditional legend, including GPA and letter grade, term or semester system, and other university information. Your legitimate diploma for life and work equivalent arrive with many benefits.
Reverse transcript GPA legend
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Distinct. All courses, cumulative, signed.

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Gold engraved padded diploma-degree holder is included. Featuring inside acetate and gold silks for protection of your college degree. Your name, University name, and year of graduation are on the cover. Experience Degrees that are Legal and Legitimate based on life skills.
Gold engraved leather padded diploma folder
Legal Legitimate life experience degrees

Inside silks for diploma protection


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Grants original legal college degrees printed on traditional degree paper, raised-ink professional print with Embossed Seal of the University which identifies it as Authentic. Transcripts are on Official Anti-Copy Paper with watermarks and other University security Features.



Delivers complete degree package through FREE shipping, Priority with tracking is standard. With our program every College or University that approves you is available to you, You choose your college-university. 



Awards you scores for the subjects that fall under your field of study on your transcripts. In other words all the transcripts offered here bear subject-wise scores, which is an important feature of a traditional transcript. 



Your University provides popular, concentration related courses, by the term or semester, and includes GPA, letter grade, cumulative summaries and is signed by University Registrar. DegreePros, Legal degrees based on life experience. More on Buy Fast Legal College Degrees.


Other Programs

Often-times, non-legal documents issued, from countries such as the UAE or China. Transcripts are usually from a template used over and over and printed on copy paper. No signature, no phone or address, usually just an email address. Life experience articles are not legal, incorporated or have real address.


Charges for shipping are applied, in some cases a handling fee as well. Shipping is slow as it ships from overseas. usually Portugal or UAE. You choose from only one school. The one school will usually have bad press online as they have no privacy or security.



Do not give scores on transcripts and just state “Pass” which does not clarify the particular subject in which you excel. All Classes listed for every major is the same. Transcripts are usually from a template used over and over and printed on copy paper. No signature, no phone or address, usually just email address,

Work Skills Diploma's and Certificates.

Many order this product online, furthermore, they inquire and ask many questions. Due diligence serves well, also, check local and state laws.

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