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Accredited Life Experience Degrees

Fast degree programs online. FAQs

Advance your career. Solidify a strong foundation

Are accredited life experience degrees right for you?

Many successful candidates, enrolled in life experience degrees programs, say that having their College Degree has changed their life. whether an associate, bachelor, MBA, or Doctorate PhD degree, they report that friends, family and associates have greater professional and personal respect for them. Others report substantially higher earnings, which, may parallel an increased self esteem from the satisfaction of accomplishment.

  • Your accredited life experience degree is based on what you already know
  • Many wish to be in alignment with theor colleagues, or start a business of their own
  • Multitudes of individuals do not have the time, nor funds to return to traditional education
  • Worldwide, non-formal degrees. BA., MBA, PhD, especially US, UK, UAE degrees
Do the documents mention “life experience” or anything like that?

No. There is no mention of Life Skills or Experience on any documents. Your accredited college degree and college transcripts are authentic. Real raised-embossed seals, Official anti-copy transcript paper, GPA legend, other university information, and other College/University information on the back of the transcripts (just like traditional school documents.)

  • We make sure all documents resemble traditional degrees and transcripts
  • Transcripts contain QR code and many security features
  • Your college degree can be printed using raised ink technology
  • Your photo can be printed on your University ID card
Why are accredited fast degree prorams online so popular?

Before there were colleges, technical schools, and online universities, people gained knowledge through mentoring, internships
and apprenticeships. The result was highly skilled and talented professionals such as tradesman, scientists, and philosophers to
name a few. Today, many professionals are returning to the classic style of education and learning, and are being rewarded with
their accredited life experience degree.

  • Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both famously dropped out of college
  • Many find they already have enough credits for their Degree
  • Classes, workshops, seminars, military training, volunteerism all apply
  • life experience degrees: regardless of status, location, wealth, or family commitments
What college, or University can I choose from?

Once we receive your completed enrollment form, we will forward it to our network of Colleges and Universities, which we feel will best meet your specific degree and chosen major. We will notify you which Universities will grant your College Degree package. You can view their website or request more information to make an informed choice. All Universities are exclusive to us, you will not find them with any other company.

  • Professional web presense, with no bad press
  • Professional University names
  • Never mentioned on nany sales sites, ever
  • Waiting for you to join their alumni
What does my graduate package contain?

Your Professionally Printed, Embossed, signed Degree, with real pressed seal. Can feature raised-ink printing. Your Certificate of Academic Achievement with gold and blue foil seal., Two Official Sealed Transcripts from the University, sealed in
official envelope from the office of the Registrar. Two Unsealed Transcripts. Two Letters of Verification from the Professor. Your Student ID Card. Your Padded diploma holder, features gold foil embossment & inside silk, Letters From The President, A University document folder, Free shipping, Full support.

  • We make sure all documents resemble traditional degrees and transcripts
  • 11X14 oversize Doctoral degrees are available
  • Your college degree can be printed using raised ink technology
  • Your photo can be printed on your University ID card
Regional, regionally accredited degrees, and other common questions
  • life experience degrees uk

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Life experience degree US, UK, UAE, Canada, and beyond.