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Life experience degrees. They have many names, but what does not change, is our commitment to providing you the highest quality, Quick Online College Degree,

Work Experience Equivalent Bachelor's & Master's Degrees: Did you Know?

In 1834 the University of London became the very first institution of higher learning to offer Work Experience Equivalent degrees that did not require classroom attendance. Today that same concept is called Non-traditional Education. Within our society there are legions of productive individuals who have no formal university education. Others found it necessary to drop out of college prior to obtaining the degree they desired (Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both famously dropped out of college). Many of these people have acquired an extensive education through life experiences and some have become experts in their respective fields and professions. What is common among many of these individuals (and what frequently limits their personal and professional growth) is the lack of formal educational credentials. However for most adults returning to the classroom to obtain these credentials may be impossible.



We were founded with the belief  that life experience degrees based on work experience, or in general, life experience  should be available to everyone regardless of status, location,  wealth,  career and/or  family  commitments.





Many find they already have enough credits for their Degree. The  experiences and  accomplishments that qualify for credit are many and  varied: Classes,  workshops, seminars, military training,  volunteerism, independent reading and religious study/participation. The following is the process in which to receive your degree based on work experience in 15 days, complete with transcripts and much more.