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Get a degree based on experience


Graduates who earned their college degrees based on life and work experience

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Earning a degree based on my experience, and being recognized for my achievement gives me a sense of accomplishment. I have the skills and abilities, My college degree is a huge boost for my esteem.

Johnathan Morrelli

M.Sc. in Management

from DegreePros. This company has helped propel me toward a bright future. I have my accolades displayed proudly. Thank you Degreepros.

Catheryne Maglusi

Bachelor of Business

So many Online Experience Degrees. No company to date comes close to the quality and trust of DegreePros. You exceed my expectations. The realism of the documents are incredible. Degree based work experience, number one on the internet.

Marcus Johnson

Ph.D. in Biblical Studies

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Many students come from different backgrounds and have a variety of education, training, and experience. We also know that many of our degree candidates, while having the knowledge and experience in their field, are faced with the day to day pressures of a job and family, leaving little time to devote to traditional classroom or distance education. Earn a degree based on experience. Get a degree in 2 weeks. Authentic, Accredited.


Degreepros offers credit toward a degree for knowledge and skills learned through work and life experience. The degree earned by our enrollees enables them to qualify for many opportunities and personal growth. In our fast paced society where education is a necessity, Degreepros is dedicated to helping you get or earn the college degree you have always wanted. Earn a degree based on experience. Get your authentic and accredited degree

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