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Then and Now

Before there were colleges, technical schools and online universities, people gained knowledge through mentoring, internships and  apprenticeships. The result was highly skilled and talented professionals such as tradesman, scientists, and  philosophers to name a few. Today, many professionals are returning to the classic style of education and learning, and are being rewarded for their life experiences and general learned skills by earning a college degree based on life experience.


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Our blog at DegreeMajor,  is for you. To comment on all things related to life experience degrees. economical college degree solutions, and, in general-- life experience.  Have you experienced empowerment with a traditional college degree? What does life experience mean to you? We want to hear about it.




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Diploma Apostille Services

July 18, 2014  08:22 am.

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how to get degree apostille

DegreePros Moderator

July 18, 2014  11:16 am.

How to get degree apostille.  DegreePros offers degree and diploma apostille

Many ask: how to get degree apostille, See the prices and get more information on the Fee-Structure page. We offer global degree apostille, apostille college diploma, Transcript legalization and notarization and other services. Save with DegreePros apostille service for transcripts and college degrees. US, UAE, Jordanian Apostille and more.

How to get college degree apostille in United states


July 20, 2014  2:30 pm.

I got my college degree apostille in the United States from a company in Maryland. I paid a lot of money. You guys are a lot less for apostille and legalization services. I am in Dubai UAE, I will buy my next college degree here as a colleague has one and it is the most real documents, transcripts, certificates I have seen to date.

College University Certificate Apostille


July 23, 2014  10:08 pm.

This is my third life experience degree i bought online. I just wanted to chime in and say thank you. I did get the job I wanted. I like the fact that you guys have the address and phone number on the transcripts for the University. The other companies had nothing but an email address, they were a complete waste of money and time for my certificate.

how to get degree apostille

DegreePros Moderator

September 03, 2014  11:06 am.

Recently added.  Bachelor's degree based experience, buy a fast bachelor degree online.

Added recently is Bachelor's degree page. You can learn more about our exciting bachelor Degree programs based on experience. Click the link above to see more.

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